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Hotel Accommodation Near Bangkok's International Suvarnabhumi Airport

Cheap hotel accommodation near Bangkok airport is available most of the year except at festivals in peak tourist season. Whether you're a tourist on family holiday or business expat on a stopover, clean serviced hotel accommodation near Bangkok airport is a nice way to start your travel in Thailand via Bangkok airports.

Photos of Bangkok Airport

Outside the main entrance of Bangkok airportOutside in front of the main entrance of Bangkok's main airport.

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The Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok code is BKK and is known by Bangkokians as Suvarnabhumi airport. Bangkok airport terminal building is modern, clean and VERY large, catering for most tourist arrivals into Thailand.


Phone numbers of Bangkok airport for lost baggage claims.



If you follow signs to the departing taxi rank at the lowest (street) level of Bangkok's Airport, you will wait a VERY LONG TIME for a taxi. After 40 minutes we gave up waiting and hailed an empty taxi from the airport terminal building ARRIVALS area upstairs.
Bangkok airport taxi
We waited at the Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport ground floor taxi rank for 40 minutes before giving up and going back up stairs to where taxis arrive. There we hopped into a taxi to our Bangkok hotel straight away.

The siege of Bangkok airport by yellow shirts in 2008 stopped flights in and out of Bangkok's main airport and lead to the dissolution of parliament. In 2008 political unrest caused a decline in tourist arriving into Thailand, mainly via Bangkok airport. Hotel marketing in Thailand helps increase the number of tourist arrivals via Bangkok's international airports.

Yearly Bangkok visitor arrival number stats
Yearly Bangkok visitor arrival number stats.


Skytrain is a popular good, cheap, clean, safe efficient means of public transport to and from Bangkok Airport. The Skytrain was opened by the King of Thailand on December 5th 1999. Skytrain has reduced Bangkok's polluted traffic jams.


There is a frequent and regular shuttle bus service between Don Muang and Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport for passenger transfers.


Photo inside Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal building Bangkok
Video inside Suvarnabhumi Airport terminal building Bangkok

Visitor arrivals to Thailand by country stats.
Visitor arrivals to Thailand by country stats.

Photo near Bangkok airport terminal building.

Photo of Bangkok's main airport terminal building at the largest airport in south east Asia. It's a popular transit airport for tourist travel throughout Thailand and south east Asia.

Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened by Thailand's King on December 5th 1999. The clean, cheap and safe Skytrain transport is the best way to get from Bangkok airport to accommodation near Bangkok airport.

Accommodation near Bangkok airport ranges from 2 to 5 star hotels with swimming pools and air-conditioning. The new Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi airport railway link makes it easy to get to and from accommodation near Bangkok's international airport.

The smaller "Don Muang Airport" called the Don Muang International Airport is north of the Bangkok CBD. It is used for domestic and budget airline flights by airlines such as Nok Air, Thai Air's Smiles Air, Air Asia, Lion Air, etc. for flights from Bangkok to regional and tourist centres such as PhuketKoh Samui and the many cities in north and north eastern Thailand. For example we've bought bargain flight prices from Bangkok to Udon Thani in central north east Thailand for $40 but expect prices to at least double during busy tourist season. Hotel Prices Near Don Mueang International Airport.

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