Bangkok, capital city of Thailand with 11 million Thais, near the Chao Phraya river. On this Chao Phraya river, you'll find everything near accommodation in Bangkok from the fascinating Bankok river markets full of fresh produce, Buddhist temples, Bangkok dinner cruises aboard Thai river boats. Bankok is a great value tourist destination, with lots of things to do and cheap prices for accommodation to designer clothing.

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Photo of Chao Phraya River waterways near Bangkok accommodation

Good Accommodation near the Chao Phraya River is affordable luxury. It includes Bankok's best holiday resort hotels, notably The Oriental Hotel. Whatever you do when you visit Bangkok, stay at riverfront The Oriental Hotel.

Why is Bangkok so good? The Oriental Hotel Bangkok has a classic colonial chic about it, and its hotel service is the best in the world. For example if an airline loses your bags, the hotel have emergency clothes ready - in your size. Just about every hotel staff member seems to know your name as soon as you check in. When you go to dinner at the hotels relaxed romantic riverside Thai restaurant, wait staff carefully watch everything you prefer, including the type of bread you favour.

Photo of The Oriental Hotel restaurant
Photo of The Oriental Hotel near Bangkok's Chao Phraya River.

River view rooms at The Oriental Hotel in Bangkok are wonderful. As you would expect for Bangkok's top-rated hotel - rooms are stylish and roomy.

The Oriental Hotel restaurants are one of life's pleasures for a number of reasons. Mainly because of the superb Thai cuisine. The authentic Thai dishes including what must be the world's tastiest stir fried chicken and cashew nuts, as well as the Padh Thai noodles.

Hotel Room Photo, The Oriental Bangkok
Photo of The Oriental Hotel room Bangkok

One of life's pleasures in Bangkok is taking the complimentary river boat from your resort to the nearest Skytrain station for a quick trip into the busy commercial centre of Bangkok.

Bangkok's Skytrain has revolutionised Bangkok travel and reduced the polluted traffic snarls Bangkok used to be renowned for. These days a trip that used to take an hour in congested traffic in a taxi will take only a few minutes on the Skytrain, which is spotlessly clean, cheap and safe.

When you get to the huge Bangkok CBD, shopping heaven, for clothes and electronics, go to the busy "MBK shopping centre" where there's a whole floor dedicated to the latest mobile phones, TVs, computer sales, cameras and other electronic goods.

Things to do in Bangkok

You'll also find Bangkok street stalls everywhere openly selling the latest release DVDs and CDs for only 90 Baht (approximately $3).

Buddhist monks among busy Bangkok shopping
Revered Buddhist monks among busy Bangkok shopping

For fashonable clothes, go to Bangkoks "Paragon shopping centre" where you can find inexpensive tailored clothes. Men, if your partner likes fashion shoes, you're in for a long day.

Bangkok restaurants and cafes through the Thai capital also seem mostly good, although some ex-pats here advise wiping your cutlery before eating at some of Bangkok's smaller restaurants.

To finish a perfect day in Bangkok, try a Thai massage. The Oriental Hotel has the perfect venue. You sail lazily across the river in their complimentary Thai river boat to The Oriental's Spa pavilion, a traditional Thai-style house of beautifully carved, golden teak wood.

The first of its kind in Asia, the Oriental Spa has been recognised as one of the best spas in the world, winning awards and rave reviews since its opening.

Bangkok Oriental Authors Lounge
Bangkok Oriental Authors Lounge

Another wonderful part of this hotel accommodation is the Authors' Wing (above), where many famous authors stayed and wrote. They include Noel Coward, John le Carre and Barbara Cartland with suites named after these authors with themes ranging from bold to romantic.
The Authors' Lounge is a memorable place to visit to admire the colonial furniture and ambience. You can have afternoon tea here, served by silk-clad Thai waitresses with silky smooth manners.

Accommodation near Bangkok airport ranges from 2 to 5 star hotels with air-conditioning and swimming pools. The new Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi airport railway link makes it easy to get to and from accommodation near Bangkok's international airports: Don Muang Airport  or  Suvarnabhumi Airport

A sign of a good holiday in Bangkok and of its many charms is you'll want to go back to Bangkok Thailand.

Tourist Arrivals Stats. Tourist arrivals in Thailand pump $50 billion into the Thai economy.

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